We will be using role-playing technique during this workshop. To better understand what is expected of you, you will watch a recording and evaluate a student competing in an FIU sales competition. This is very important in preparing you to be effective, professional salespeople. Much learning comes from observing recorded role-plays.

STEP 1. We will be ‘selling’ Comcast Spotlight advertising solutions during our in-class exercises and role-plays. Please take a few minutes to read the attached PDF about Comcast Spotlight.

STEP 2. You will access the Global Sales Lab system at and watch at least 2 recordings available from a previous FIU sales tournaments. Use these credentials to access the recordings:

  • Username: videoevaluation 
  • Password: evaluation

STEP 3. Watch at least 2 videos to familiarize yourself with the role play and sales processes.

STEP 4. You will select and evaluate one (1) seller to evaluate.  Please use this Microsoft Word template, download it to your computer and save it under a new file name. Complete the assignment on pages 2 and 3 of the word document.

STEP 5. Upload this file to Canvas under the Pre-Workshop module. We will be discussing this in detail. You will be required to turn it in.

follow the step on the attached and answer correctly.