Treatments Case Study

Discussion Post Scoring Guide

General Instructions

Read the discussion prompt for this week. Consider your own experiences and content included in the course. Prepare your discussion response.

Support your thoughts with specific examples from your experience and ideas included in the course content, present your response to the posed discussion topic.

Submit your post in accordance with the schedule this term. Typically, the initial post is due by midnight (Central time) several days before the close of the discussion. Any response(s) to classmates are typically due by midnight (Central) on the day the discussion closes.

Scoring Guidelines

Points available: 100.

Key InformationIncomplete response that addresses only some items; or a response that lacks thoughtfulness or reflection. (15 points)Complete response that addresses most items with clearly stated and well-supported information shows an adequate level of reflection, but information is weakly referenced. (35 points)Complete, well-formed response that addresses all items with clearly stated and well-supported information that shows a thoughtful, reflective, in-depth analysis of topic. Information is referenced, as needed. (55 points)
Professional presentation (grammar, mechanics, spelling)Writing involves many errors (more than 3). (5 points)There is some deviation from college-level writing; writing involves few errors (no more than 3). (10 point)Graduate-level writing is used; writing is free of all writing errors. (15 points)
Responses to classmatesParticipation is inadequate; responses to classmates lack adequate critical thinking and analysis (i.e. obligatory interactions with peers, “I agree with you” or only restating peers’ posts). (0 points)Participation is somewhat limited; responses to classmates show limited critical thinking and analysis; responses are professional. (15 points)Participation is representative of consistent review of classmate thoughts; responses to classmates show clear evidence of critical thinking and analysis; responses are professional, thoughtful, and provide constructive assistance to colleagues. (30 points)

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