Theoretical Fundation

Guidelines for the Theory Critique

1. Background of the Theorist/ Origins of the theory2. Philosophical underpinnings of the theory3. Major Assumptions, Concepts, and Relationships4. Theory model or diagram5. Conceptual definitions 6. Scope/generality/ practice setting 7. Usefulness/ Value in Extending Nursing Science (nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing administration)a. Is there evidence the theory has been used in research, education, or administration?8. Testability a. Has the theory been tested in research? Is it supported?9. Theory model or diagram10. Parsimony/ Logic Adequacya. Is the theory congruent with current standards?b. Is the theory congruent with nursing interventions?11. Overall Theory Strength and Weaknessa. Clarityb. Simplicityc. Generalityd. Importance