Texas Gov’t Opinon Essay

You have Attachment in 7.1 assignment this is 2 parts

Opinion Essay for Unit 3: 

The Institutions of Texas Government and how they serve the Texas Residents.

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Write a single essay that addresses the following questions. Present facts and analyze them. Be sure to include your informed opinion about each institution. 3 points for each issue included. 12 points total. Remember that an essay format implies presenting a thesis and a conclusion.  1000 words minimum.

  1.  How does Texas compare to other state legislatures? Should the Texas legislature become more professional?  Why or why not?  What do you believe would be an effective way to increase the diversity in the state legislature?
  2. In your view, is the governorship of Texas weak or strong? Back up your claims with specific evidence. Explain what an “executive order”. How does the Governor use bureaucracy to “increase his/her power? Bureaucrats engage in implementation. What does this mean? How does the size of our bureaucracy compare to other states?
  3. What are some of the challenges that the Texas judicial system faces in today’s environment.  Describe and analyze at least five. Argue in favor and against any proposed changes.
  4. Describe the different types of local government and explain why they are important. What do they do? Be sure to include “special districts”.


 Summarize your essay using 400 words.