: Techniques of Employee Selection & Recruitment

Summer 2020

HRM410: Techniques of Employee Selection & Recruitment

Weekly Assignment

Coverage: Chapter 8

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Refer to Chapter 8, read the Case Study and answer the questions.

Case Study

You have probably read over the years a number of stories in the press about employees – particularly in the medical, educational and caring professions – who have lied about their backgrounds and qualifications in order to obtain work.

Some of these stories have had alarming outcomes; hence the press coverage. It would appear that due to the competitive nature of today’s job market, there is more temptation for some applicants to embellish the contents of their CVs.

One medium-sized organization found themselves in difficulties recently when they appointed a finance director. His CV indicated that he had an impressive array of qualifications and was experienced in the industry sector. It quickly became apparent, however, that he was not up to the job.

The HR manager was notified and was concerned to learn, four weeks after he commenced employment that a reference request to his former employer had been returned as ‘not known at this address’.

Further investigations showed that the finance director did not have the qualifications that he claimed, and that he had been dismissed by one of his previous employers for alleged fraud, although he had not been prosecuted.

The finance director remained unaware of the HR manager’s investigation until it had been completed and the decision was taken to dismiss him. This ‘damage limitation’ strategy was successful in that the company was not financially exposed, but the experience did cost the company time and money, and they then had to start the recruitment and selection process all over again.

Source: Human Resource Practice by Malcolm Martin & Fiona Whiting, CIPD 2016

1. Explain the advantages & disadvantages of hiring an external agency to conduct applicants’ background checks. How can HR justify the additional cost of using an external agency? (50%)

2. Explain the difference between Credit Checks & Criminal Checks. For which kind of positions are such checks most crucial? (50%)