Take Decisions on business issues identified

How do you know that you have sufficient information to make valid, credible and reliable
recommendations to the CEO and Board of Directors and that it is valid and reliable? Document your
recommendations including the use of an information system to capture future information relevant to
this project.

  1. Determine acceptable courses of action by following the risk management plans you have put in
  2. Provide your decision by following the quantitative methods and discuss why it is essential to consult
    with specialist to assist decision making
  3. Ensured decisions taken on Bounce Fitness’ information management are in accordance to meeting
    the organizational objectives, values and standards consistently; delegation/ accountability of the
    BSBINM601 Assessment Page 4
    Version 1.0 07/20
    individual/ group responsible; in accordance with organizational guidelines and procedures, and;
    ensuring the appropriate implementation timeline and justification