Strategic Plan

Please upload the first draft of your strategic plan in this area.
The first draft of your strategic plan must be uploaded before your enter your competitive round 1 decisions. If I were you, I would choose either Broad Low Cost or Broad Differentiator as my strategy. In the spreadsheet, I am suggesting a set of decisions for round 1 for either strategy that you can use when you play round 1 (or you can modify those decisions to adapt them to your own thinking). Your SMART goals have to defined round by round, product by product for five rounds within each functional area. It’s better to show your SMART goals using a table for each functional area. The SMART goals should indicate the decisions that you are going to make for each product in each round. That is, size, performance, MTBF, age, and material costs for R&D. Price, promotion budget, sales budget, awareness, accessibility, and sales forecast for the Marketing area. Production order, ending inventory, automation, and capacity additions or subtractions for each product, for each round, in the Production area. For the Finance area, show how you are going to fix the leverage problem in one or two rounds. You should also show your SMART goals by round for the HR and TQM areas and explain why you have chosen those SMART goals. Look at the attached examples and use the attached Excel spreadsheet to create the information for your strategic plan. You must fill in the decisions that you would make for each of the five years (i.e., rounds).

NOTE: Your strategic plan must be original. Make sure that your own strategic plan does not plagiarize from (i.e., it is not substantially similar to) any of these examples, or it will be rejected. Also, if you strategic plan is missing tables in any of the three functional areas of R&D, Marketing, and Production, or if the tables are incomplete, it will also be rejected. You have three attempts to get your strategic plan accepted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors (i.e., me).