Stereotyping, Prejudice, And/Or Discrimination

 Please  describe an experience you have had with stereotyping, prejudice,  and/or discrimination. You could have witnessed the discriminatory  behavior, been the target, or inadvertently stereotyped or discriminated  against someone else.

Paper should be not be less than two pages (double spaced).

use a 12-point Times New Roman font 

one inch margins all round. 

You will be graded based on:

  • how well the reflection explains your own thinking and learning process(es), as well as implications for future learning;
  • the in-depth analysis of your learning experience, the value of the derived learning to self or others;
  • how  well you articulate multiple connections between this learning  experience and content from this course (and other related courses),  past learning, life experiences and/or future goals.

Make connection between the experience and what’s mentioned in chapter 3 ( Perceiving Ourselves and Others in Organizations ) 

Here’s the course material: