Rise Of Industry

  1. Directions:
    Answer the following questions in ONE clear and concise essay.  First establish your thesis statement, then provide substantial details as evidence.  Document your sources with endnotes or footnotes.  Do not submit a bibliography.
    Question:  Discuss the rise of industrial America and establish the new role of capital and labor in the industrial society by 1900. Why did capitalist ideology become dominant by 1900 and how did it change society within the United States by 1900? (Within this answer remember to include relevant data from the topics:  Reconstruction and the  rise of the new industry in both the South and West and the “Conquering of the West).  Include in your discussion data on the basic and fundamental components of the ideology of capitalism and how capitalist ideology conflicts with the ideology of individualism that had prevailed prior to 1900?

  2. Document your work with either footnotes or endnotes.

  3. Use OPEN stax textbook, data from films, websites and outside scholarly sources.  

  4. First start with your thesis statement and then document with substantial and relevant details.