Research Structure

Executive Summary


-Research summary

-Research problem

-Research aim

-Research objective

-Research Contribution

-Structure of thesis

Theory and Literature Review


-Literature Review


Data collection and Methodology

-Data collection- country, period, database

-Sample-dependent/Independent- Make a table as well

-Equation and explanations

-Research Methods- Factor Analysis, Fixed and Random Effect, Multiregression

-Robustness Test

-Validity and Reliability

Findings and Analysis (Also put in other research to verify your findings overlap or do not overlap with other studies)

-Findings and Analysis by Variables

Additional Findings:

Findings and Analysis by period (2003-2009)

-Findings and Analysis by models (Factor analysis, multiregression etc)


-Revisit: Research title, aim, objective, contribution.

-Answer: Research hypothesis based on findings, Research questions, research objective and research aim at the end.

-Research Limitations and challenges

-Recommendations for Future Research