Research Papers

In today’s dynamic environment, leaders must find ways in which to connect to their diverse followers in an effort to move the team towards organizational goals.  In these papers you will explore and present solutions to solve several of today’s pressing leadership challenges while you connect your research and personal experience. Each area is an important piece of a leader’s role.  For each, explain the role it plays in the larger organization and leader/follower relationship.

Research paper question: How do values impact a leaders’ decision making? How does it impact stakeholders? Be specific and include the impact on three different stakeholders and why?

Each paper should be 4-5 pages double-spaced (not including the cover and references pages) and include 5 peer reviewed sources.  Include an introduction and conclusion. All sections should include the appropriate headings and sub-headings and use APA formatting for your research.

My Present Role:

I am working as ‘Sr. Software QA Automation Tester’ for DELOITTE company. Please provide some personal experiences to the research paper.