Reflection Paper

In a short paper (2-3 pages), please address each of the topics below with a 2-3 paragraph narrative for each section.

1. Course Content: Describe the most important aspects of this course for you with respect to the content that was covered or activities in which you participated. Discuss the relevance and value or the practicum assignment with respect to your knowledge acquisition.

2. Application of Course Content: Describe how you applied what you learned in this course at in IT workplace environment (teaching IT classes). Discuss how this course may have impacted your specific job related IT, techniques you used at work, or other relevant aspects that show how what you learned was linked to your job.

3. Job Experience Integration: Describe how your work experiences related to IT were used in the classroom and attributed to your performance in the course. Discuss how integrating your work experiences in class activities assisted in understanding topics discussed within the course.

Course Description:

investigate cloud computing, which represents a real paradigm shift in the way in which systems are deployed. Students will examine the massive scale of cloud computing systems that were enabled by the popularization of the internet and growth of large service companies. Topics and applications are focused on how cloud computing made the long-held dream of utility computing possible with a pay-as-you-go, infinitely scalable,

Course Objectives:

· Describe the paradigm shift and essential features of cloud computing. 

· Compare and analyze the benefits and disadvantages of cloud systems.  

· Distinguish how platforms and virtual appliances are used.  

· Apply virtualization to create shared resource pools.  

· Utilize hypervisors to make virtual machines viable.  

· Adopt Google’s services in their own applications.  

· Instantiate Amazon Machine Images.