Program Or Policy Initiation Plan

Well the policy itself was created by the president to help eliminate the usage of drugs and well implement a stronger drug policy in the United States no the plan itself is nothing wrong with the idea as for the execution of it well there can be better alternatives. First off there is an issue when it comes to alcohol, illegal drugs and tabaco usage which is deadly on so many factors which is why people need to be educated on these subjects. In recent years there has been a fascination with the usage of vapes to which has attracted many young teens now, this a new form of tabaco and this vape might seem harmless but indeed have caused major help issues such as lung injuries and about 15% of those range from the age 18 and 37% range from 18-24 year old’s (Center for diseases control and prevention, n.d.).  

Now, all these products are in fact harmful and deadly if consumed irresponsibly which is what the ONDCP is trying to bring awareness to the public this issue needs to be addressed by school officials, parents, and most of all the children. ‘’Drug use typically begins in the adolescent years’’ (NATIONAL DRUG CONTROL STRATEGY, 2015) I feel that a young teen can be easily influence by television, social media and pressured by friend on the usage of any illegal substance but that’s because that individual is unaware of the harm it can cause mentally and physically.  I believe that the best strategy is to show awareness and educate people because the more you know the more you are aware of the risk that these product can cause.  



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