Presentation Script Regards Media Industry Concentration

Here is our outline for this presentation:
Slide 1: Very few companies produce most of the mainstream media we consume. (See power point slide 1 ). Adorno argues that the ownership and structure of industry are important for democracy. Question: Have new and social media made concerns about monopoly ownership obsolete? How does Media Industry Studies inform discussions of new media?
Slide 2: Defining Media Industries and Keywords
Slide 3: By defining Media Industries, our answer is NO. We do not think that concerns about monopoly ownership are obsolete with the creation of social media.
Media Industries encapsulates regulations, formats, monopolies, blah blah blah.
Slide 4: Here are the scholarly resources to back up our answer. (DISNEY)
Slide 5: Here is our case study to back up our answer to this question. {FACEBOOK}
Slide 6: Broader discussion questions
Slide 6.5 (lol): Kahoot!
Slide 7: Concluding thoughts

Requirement: an introduction script for slide 1, about 150-200 words. (1-1.5 mins)

I have included our current ppt in the attachment, you can also check the lecture slides to have an overall understanding of this project: