Prejudice In Psychology

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The Final Research Project requires students to do critical, in-depth reading about a psychology-related topic. The paper must be written using 2 articles from scholarly journals.

The article must be:

  1. On a psychology-related topic
  2. Peer-reviewed
  3. Current (published within the past 5 years)
  4. On studies and not just theoretical discussions or historical reviews

B. Content

Written paper must be 7 pages long in APA style 7th Edition.

  • Page 1: Cover page
  • Page 2: Introduction/background information
  • Pages 3-6:

a. Method: How were the studies carried out?

b. Results: What was the outcome? (You may rely on the authors’ interpretation of

statistical analyses.)

c. Discussion: What are the implications of this experiment? (You may include your own


  • Page 7: References (works cited)