Module 1 Discussion


The WHO has published an important document titled, “Social Determinants of Health—The Solid Facts.” It states:

Even in the most affluent countries, people who are less well off have substantially shorter life expectancies and more illnesses than the rich. Not only are these differences in health an important social injustice, they have also drawn scientific attention to some of the most powerful determinants of health standards in modern societies. They have led in particular to a growing understanding of the remarkable sensitivity of health to the social environment and to what have become known as the social determinants of health.

1. In your opinion, are social determinants of health more important for a health educator to understand than the biological/genetic determinants of health? 

2. Additionally, if the social determinants of health are so critical to one’s health outcomes how can health education improve the social environment/condition of persons most affected by social determinants? Please post your response by the end of this module and critique the response of at least one other student. Please provide at least two paragraphs for your response.