Mini Focus Group Activity

Your task
Collectively, you and your group members are required to participate in mini focus in-class activity to
develop a set of research goals based on the research objectives that you have provided in the first
Assessment Description
The purpose of this group assessment is to give students an opportunity to use the marketing research
process in a simulated business environment by applying the concepts and principles of marketing
research to understand marketing problems better.
Assessment Instructions
During week 8, your workshop facilitator will divide the class into small focus groups of three to four
Once formed, you and your group will be given 90 minutes to:
• discuss the research objectives that you have individually prepared in the first assessment;
• to decide on which objectives you, as a group, would like to use;
• construct research goals; and
• deliberate on suitable data collection methods and tools that should be used to obtain
necessary insights into your business decision making to expand.
At the conclusion of the 90 minutes, your group will be 8 minutes to present its findings to the
workshop facilitator and the rest of the class, with an additional 2 minutes allocated to the Q&A
session. In presenting your group’s findings, you are required to use PowerPoint slides as a visual
aid to assist your workshop facilitator and classmates with a better understanding of your work.