1.   Choose a firm one of your team members would like to work for. Using the secondary research resources available at the University’s Business Library Website , identify 2 library resources that are helpful in preparing for a job interview at this firm. (That is, sources that provide information that will help you learn about the firm and/or equip you with questions or comments which would help in interacting with the interviewer.) For each source, provide an example of such information and explain how that information is useful. (limit: 3 sentences each)

2.   The Supermarket Transactions data set available on the Assignments Tab provides a variety of data related to supermarket expenditures by families. Provide evidence that how much is spent on a trip to the supermarket (the Revenue variable) does or does not differ depending on whether the purchaser is male or female. Also investigate whether this spending measure differs depending on whether the purchaser is married or not. Do not perform any statistical tests.  Make sure to include only selected EXCEL outputs to back up your findings. (limit: 2 pages including EXCEL outputs)