Marketing, 4Ps

Your assignment is to use the 4 P’s and design a watch.

Pick a target market the watch would appeal to, then re-position the  watch by changing it so it would appeal to a second market. Describe  your decision-making for each element of the mix to reach the first  target market, and then do it again to create a completely new offering  for the second target market.

Use the headings productpriceplacement, and promotion for each watch. For example, you should describe:

  • Product—materials, branding, features, etc.
  • Pricing—price point and strategies
  • Place—where and how it would be sold
  • Promotion—what you would do to communicate value to your customers

You can be brief and concise for this assignment, figuring you should  be able to complete it in You can be brief and concise for this  assignment, figuring you should be able to complete it in a minimum of  500 words.