1. Written Assignment. Managing in the Global Economy 3

In Chapter 7 of your textbook, Cultural Intelligence for Leaders, read Case Study 4: A New Leadership Culture. Please be sure to particularly address the following questions related to the case:

How does Kolab’s self-identify influence her ability to lead?

What cultural value dimensions does the organization operate under? What about Kolab? How can Kolab integrate the organization’s cultural value dimensions with her own to ensure overall success?

What cultural intelligence strategies do you recommend for Kolab and her employees? How do these strategies benefit the organization?

Submit a 2-3 page paper, (independent of the title page and reference page) double-spaced in Times New Roman (or its equivalent) font which is no greater than 12 points in size. The paper should cite at least 1 additional source, independent of the textbook. Be sure to use APA format.

Before beginning this assignment, read the General Guidelines for Case Studies and review the Case Analysis Rubric available in the Learning Guide.

All course textbooks are accessible through the Syllabus or through the course’s “Textbook” page. If there are any additional, non-textbook Reading Assignments for this Unit, their access/location information will be provided below.

Cultural Intelligence for Leaders(2012). Saylor Academy. Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0. 

· Chapter 1: Cultural Intelligent Leadership Matters

· Chapter 3: Cultural Intelligence Defined

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