Leadership Essay

Take some time to engage in quiet introspection. There are no required questions to answer. Below are sample questions you may adapt and use; be sure to do work commensurate to an upper-level student.

  • What have YOU come to believe that leadership is? 
  • What kinds of qualities, attitudes, and traits do you look for in a leader? 
  • How well do you model these in your own life? 
  • Describe specific times and events in your life where you have demonstrated these qualities. 
  • Rate yourself as a leader. 
  • What areas do you want to improve in your leadership this semester? 

After considering your thoughts and perspective on leadership, youshould format your essay using the following:


  1. What is Leadership?
  2. Qualities, Attitudes, and Traits
  3. Modeling Leadership Behavior and Actions
  4. My Rating as a Leader
  5. Areas to Improve This Semester