Intro To American Politics Class: News Story Analysis

Intro to American Politics Class:

Select a news article of a matter related to politics.  Write a brief summary of the article.  Analyze the story and identify the level of government, e.g. Federal, State or Local. Identify key issues that are being discussed. Be sure to select a reputable source e.g. Washington Post, New York Times. Include a link to the story in your in the posting. 

Upon posting your article, you will then proceed to comment on the articles of three of your colleagues they will be assigned to you.  

Your news article analysis, shall be no less than 250 words.  The comments submitted as peer reviews of the posts of others need to be thoughtful and should be no less than five sentences.  Peer reviews must be submitted with two days from day on which they were assigned. 

News Story Analysis Rubric

Meets 250 word minimum 5.0 pts Full Marks/0.0 pts No Marks  5.0 pts
Thorough summary, there is clear effort to provide a through summary of the selected news article. 5.0 pts Full Marks/0.0 pts No Marks .   5.0 pts
Political issues, The political issues are clearly identified as well as the level of government and any other pertinent details are clearly outlined in the analysis.5.0 pts Full Marks/0.0 pts No Marks5.0 pts
Total Points: 15.0