Interpreting Contingency Tables and Tests of Statistical Significance

In this assignment, respond to three exercises presented in the textbook. Answer the questions for the following: 

  • Exercise 8.1 Nonprofit Participation in Experimental Financial Assistance Program under Section A: Getting Started on pages 138–140, 
  • Exercise 9.2 Attitudes toward Corporal Punishment: Are Men and Women Different? under Section A: Getting Started on pages 159–160, and 
  • Exercise 9.3 What Is Going On in the Schools? under Section A: Getting Started on pages 160–161. 

Exercise 8.1 includes the development of a table. Use whatever software you prefer to create your table, but please copy and paste it into your assignment document for the assignment submission so that answers to all exercises will be in one document. 

Your entire case study must be at least two pages in length. You do not need to include citations or a reference page.  The questions are listed in the attachments