As a team you are required to research your Industry Partner and gather primary (qualitative and quantitative) and secondary data to provide insight into Brand and their target market, in response to a brief. Your research will allow you to identify unique customer insights and opportunities for your Industry Partner, which 8s a team you will develop into recommendations to improve the Brand’s current marketing mix and optimise customer engagement – o na

The research will be presented in a formal renort containing vour methodology, analysis. insights and recommendations, and will be submitted via CANVAS (refer to submission date above). The research In this report forms the framework for the rest of the Tri project.



You will review your Industry Partners brieland identify exactly what the Industry partner is asking you to investigate. TRaktat- In response to the brief you will research and gather primary (qualitative and quantitative) and

secondary data about the current retail environment, the Industry Partner Brand, their target market, Direct and Indirect competitors and current market trends Primary data will be collated through direct observation in store and customer surveys

Direct Observation in Store (including photos) recording customer behaviour, 4P and relevant information to be included in your SWOT


Each group is to obtain a minimum of 250 completed online surveys (per group) using the Qualtrics platform available through the RMIT Library website. The survey should not exceed more than 25 questions.  Questions featured within your survey should be considered, relevant and incisive, allowing you to have a thorough understanding of the customer their needs and wants, their purchasing behaviour and their opinions of your industry partner and industry partner competitors.

A questionnaire survey draft is required to be submitted to your mentor (refer to week to week planner).

Secondary Data will be collated through student research using websites, articles, retail business reports and any other relevant resources available. All secondary data referenced


As a team you will cross reference and analyse all your primary data to provide unique insights

customer and the Industry Partner Brard You will then cross reference these findings with secondary data and utilise the analysis tools within the report to identify opportunities for your Industry Partner, will be developed into commercially viable and innovative recommendations to the current marketing mix

to address the brief and optimise customer engagement with the brand.


The research and analysis conducted by your team will be structured and presented in a Harvard style report including the following:

  • Executive Summary
  •  Introduction
  • Research Methodology and Limitations
  • Retail Overview – Local and international
  • Industry Partner Overview
  • Industry Partner Current Marketing Mix (4P’s)
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Journey Map
  • SWOT
  • Perceptual Map & Competitive Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices