Ethics In Criminal Justice:

 BOOK: Ethics in the Criminal Justice System

Scott H. Belshaw I Peter Johnstone Aaron Thompson

Chapter 3 Aristotle : A Virtuous Man


List and explain Aristotle’s four causes. 


List and explain Aristotle’s four parts of the soul.


List five critical historical events in the police-public partnership.


Explain the Danziger Bridge incident and how an ethical breakdown by police occurred.


Using the internet, identify a current event (last 3 years) where a criminal justice practitioner in the court system committed an unethical act(s). Using your current event, clearly identify the ethical dilemma or unethical action. Using your current event, apply components of Aristotle and virtue ethics.  How would the unethical action be viewed under this paradigm? For example, would it be considered wrong? ; What would an appropriate action to the dilemma been?; How should the actor be sanctioned?, etc…