Environmental Science Lab Report

(1) Table(s) are presented in multiple ways to display different comparisons between the panthers and their causes of death. (2) Graph(s) show the cause of death and differentiate between panther types and ages. (3) Graph(s) type chosen is the best way to represent the data and contain a key, all relevant numbers, a title, and all labels. (4) Panther habitat and scientific background is used to support main ideas of the lab and shows a depth of knowledge about panther behavior. (5) Data is analyzed to discuss cause of death and how it relates to specific sub sections of the panther population (ie, gender and age) (6) Student discusses why causes of death are occurring to specific panther populations and proposes solutions for these issues. (7) Lab report is cohesive and easy to understand. (8) Report is well organized and contains no spelling or grammatical mistakes