Economics Seminar Presentation

Topic rationale:

These topics will also be assessed in your final exam. Therefore, you will benefit as a presenter and even as a part of the audience.

You are required to:

  1. Work individually.
  2. Speak for at least 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes.
  3. Use visual aids. If using PowerPoint as a medium, use only a maximum of 6 (non text heavy) slides.
  4. Complete and submit a process diary detailing your research methods during the task. It must include annotations on the sources of your research. i.e.: What books, journals, newspapers, internet sites did you consult? What are your economic conclusions about the value of the sources? Were the sources useful for your research task? (See marking criteria). See following example:
28/06/2020  Received assessment. Allocated to do the topic………………………………………….
 Began research. Visited The above website illustrates how economics has changed in Australian society since 1900. It provides detailed statistics and analysis of each major trading partner. This website was very relevant for my research. Read: Smith A. (2007) Economics in Australia. Jacaranda NSW. This book details Smith’s experiences of economics throughout his life. It provides anecdotes of his life as an economist through to his experiences as an economics teacher. It proved largely irrelevant for this piece of research.
  • Submit the process diary on vUWS Assessment 3 folder Turnitin Dropbox.
  • Not simply read notes- you must engage your audience.
  • Show a depth of understanding of the topic which you will need to research.
  • Use the resources outlined for this unit’s learning modules and readings.


CriteriaBelow standardMeets standardAbove standard
Format: Introduction, structure and conclusion (2 marks)There is no identifiable structure, introduction and/or conclusion.Introduction included but does not include effective overview or outline. The structure of the presentation is somewhat discernible. The conclusion is recognizable.Effective introduction including topic overview and presentation outline. The structure of the presentation is clear. The conclusion is focused and includes a restatement of the main points.
Content and understanding (8 marks)Does not seem to understand the topic very well. Content is typically confusing or contains significant factual errors.Shows a good understanding of the topic. The content is clear but there are some inaccuracies.Shows a full understanding of the topic. All content throughout the presentation is accurate.
Use of visual aids (5 marks)Visual aids are not used or contain irrelevant information.Some visual aids used, easy to read, and contains relevant information.Visual aids used effectively, easy to read, and contains information which enhances audience understanding and interest.
Quality of Delivery (4 marks)Monotonous presentation read directly from notes and/or limited apparent effort in generating interest or engagement from the audienceLively presentation with minimal reading from notes and/or some apparent effort in generating interest or engagement from the audienceExcellent presentation with no reading from notes and/or strong apparent effort in generating interest or engagement from the audience
Completion of a Process Diary (5 marks)Not submitted or completed. Irrelevant detail. No references or bibliographic detail.  Submitted. Vague details. Limited references or bibliographic detail.  Submitted. Complete journalling. Limited details of source materials.  
Time limit (1 mark)Presentation is less than 5 or more than 10 minutes Presentation is between 5 and 10 minutes
0 1