For the third assignment we continue to look at budget implementation and the challenges and consequences of revenue and appropriation forecasts. This week’s assignment will provide a case study on the effect of the budgeting process on the day-to-day lives of its citizenry. Before beginning this assignment, you should read the following:

  • Chapters 8 & 9 in your text;
  • Lectures 8 & 9;
  • Additional reading, in this order: “Colorado Springs; Colorado Springs Part 2; Colorado Springs Part 3; Colorado Springs Part 4”.

After completing the reading, construct a two page minimum paper addressing the following:

1. What were some of the failures in the budget and budget process that led to the dire problems faced by Colorado Springs?

2. What role did the city’s tax & revenue structure play in the budget crisis?

3. How appropriate was the official response by the city to the crisis?

4. What lasting changes (if any) appear to have come about from the crisis?

5. What steps might the city have taken to reduce the severity of the crisis or avoid it altogether?

For this assignment, feel free to do independent research on your own outside of the articles provided for the assignment; be sure to cite works used outside of the articles provided (you do not need to cite the articles provided except when utilizing a direct quote from an article)