Drug Article

For this assignment please find an article that addresses an incident where the wrong dosage of medication has been given to a patient and write an essay about it. You must summarize what happened to the patient in the way of symptoms and side effects leading up to and including death. It must be as a result of a medication given by a medical professional. You must submit the article with your assignment to receive credit. Essays submitted without an article will receive a zero. 

Drug Article Directions:

  • Typed paper – 12 pages summary doubled spaced; Times Roman 12pt.-Microsoft Word; 1 inch margins. 
  • The drug article must be related to a drug which was given improperly due to dosage mistake.
  • Paraphrase – Do not plagiarize
  • Cite where article was retrieved and attach a copy of the original article to the summary. Post both as attachments. Do not provide any web links in place of the original article.  Original article and summary must be submitted together as attachments.
  • ***Do not copy and paste article in the submission space. Any article summary submitted in this manner will not receive any credit.****
  • May use newspaper, medical journals, magazines, peer review articles, etc.
  • Dates when Drug Articles are due is listed on the course syllabus.  Please know that no drug article will be accepted via email or after the due date No exceptions. Listed below is a sample of how the medical article should look.  Do not use Wikipedia website. This is not an accepted academic website.