Deutsche Bank Restart Case Study

BFC5130 Cases Studies in Banking and Finance
Deutsche Bank Restart Case Study

  1. Deutsche Bank has recently had some negative performance
    results. Please outline some of these including reduced earnings
    and stock price results. It may assist you to provide some
    graphics/figures to aid in your analysis. Please remember to
    include headings, figure numbers and data sources.
  2. Deutsche Bank has been involved in a number of financial
    scandals. Outline at least 3 of these.
  3. Deutsche Bank has operations around the world. Please describe
    the structure of the bank. It may help to use any graphics from a
    recent annual report or other sources.
  4. Geographically where does Deutsche Bank invest? How doesthis
    vary by industry or segment types?
  5. What are the future prospects of Deutsche Bank in your opinion
    with their operations globally, and also focusing specifically
    within Germany? Does fallout from COVIDÔÇÉ19 play a role?