Debriefing And Progress Report

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ASSE 2111: Learning Outcome Assessment 1

Instructor: Dr. Adam Hefty

Debriefing and Progress Report, Part 1: Plan


Students will develop plans, self-assess on a regular basis, and evaluate their success or lack


The first part of the assignment consists of developing a plan for the semester in consultation

with the instructor.


Start by looking at your schedule for the semester.

You will write 10-15 full and thoughtful sentences about your academic plan for the

semester. You should deal with the following issues. Note: you must address the three

(numbered) main points, but you do not have to address all of the (lettered) sub-points. They

are meant to provoke your thinking.

1. Give an overview of what your semester is like. How many hours do you have? Do you think it will be a hard or easy semester, and why? What is new for you this

semester? (2-4 sentences)

2. What are your challenges for the semester? (2-4 sentences) Consider the following questions:

a. Which course do you believe will be your most difficult course, and why? What will be difficult about it? What can you do to meet those challenges?

b. What is one thing you need to focus on this semester? (It could be a course, a week of the semester you know will be busy, a study habit, a time

management issue, etc.)

3. What is your goal for the semester? (4-8 sentences) Consider the following points and address some of them:

a. Explain why this goal is important to you. Be specific, and describe it in light of your overall goals as a PMU student.

b. Self-assess your own goal. Is this goal realistic? Why or why not? What obstacles do you think you may face? Which obstacles are in your control and

which are not?

c. Consider anything going on in your life outside of classes and/or outside of PMU if appropriate.

d. What resources do you need to succeed, in order to reach your goal or come as close as possible? Are those resources available to you now? What could you

do to access them, if not?

e. If you need access to resources you don’t have or don’t know how to reach your goals, who do you think you could ask?

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f. Have your ideas about your goals changed as a result of writing about them?

Note: “I want to get an A+ in all my courses” is not a meaningful goal. It does not show

anything specific about your particular goals or challenges as a student. Answers of this sort

will lose a point. You may mention grades as part of your goal, but they should be a small

part of the bigger picture.

Length and formatting: 10-15 full and thoughtful sentences, using Times New Roman, 12

point font, with 1-inch margins. You may use paragraphs or simply answer 1), 2) and 3) in

full and thoughtful sentences.

File must be submitted as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file.


If you want some help thinking about your challenges for the semester and your plan, you

may schedule an optional meeting with the instructor. If you wish to schedule a meeting,

please get in contact via email before the end of week 2. We will schedule a meeting before

Tuesday of week 3.

You do not gain or lose points for the meeting; it is meant to be an additional tool to help you

think through your plan and challenges.


Criteria Points

Gives clear overview of your semester and your challenges 1

Explains your goal for the semester clearly and thoroughly 1

Offers a thoughtful self-assessment of your goal and challenges 1

At least 10 full and thoughtful sentences 1

Writing is clear; very few grammar or spelling errors 1