Criminal Justice ESSAY

Provide 500 – 600 words for each of the prompts below

–Essay Questions: Assignment 6

1. Describe a brief profile of the mentally disturbed subject that enables the interrogator to classify the subject as possibly being a psychotic.

2. Write a brief treatment on schizophrenia (as mental illness and as a fractured or shattered personality) and use the four main categories of schizophrenic characteristics in your essay.

3. There is an extensive list of brain diseases in your text. Select one of them. Go on the Internet and research the expected behaviors resulting from the damage they can do to the brain and write two paragraphs describing the behaviors of this brain disease, then relate how an interrogator would identify the disease during interaction with the subject.

4. Describe the action the interrogator should take once he or she has been alerted by the subject’s kinesic behavior to a possible risk of suicide.

Provide 500 – 600 words for each of the prompts below

–Essay Questions: Assignment 7

1. Analyze the assessment process and how areas of deception are isolated in order to overcome the suspect’s efforts at maintaining his or her negative responses of anger, depression, denial and bargaining.

2. Explain how investigators identify personality types (demonstrated attitudes) as different from other personality traits; list the ways these subjects may react, think, and solve problems through their particular reasoning systems.

3. Write this essay on the advanced personality types given in this module such as: (1) introvert-oriented, (2) emotion-dominant (“feeler” personality), (3) the extravert-oriented, (4) the sensory-dominant, (5) the logic-dominant (inactive extravert), and the (6) ego-dominant (unique-active extravert).

4. In this module, we became acquainted with people demonstrating “interjection phenomena” to see whether they are normal or psychotic including the guilty subject’s propensity to return to the crime scene. Write your findings on this phenomenon.