Contemporary Issues

In a 3–page paper, using APA format, review and critique a scholarly journal article. Include proper citation for your selection. Articles can be found in professional periodicals or in criminal justice journals. The latter may include, but are not limited to:

Peer-reviewed journals:

  • Police Quarterly
  • Police Practice and Research
  • Law Enforcement Executive Forum
  • Justice Quarterly
  • Public Administration Review

There are other related journals that you can select from, provided they serve public policy, criminal justice, policing, victim advocacy, or corrections.

To complete this Assignment:

  • Find one article from a juried journal that is relevant to your experience and interests, and develop a short critical analysis of the piece.
  • Consider the author’s approach to the issue, the format of the article, the point of view.
  • Has the author left out important material? If so, describe.
  • If applicable, describe additional relevant facts or points of view that you believe the author failed to consider.
  • Pose at least two unresolved questions after reviewing your article.

turn it in required 

must be a full 3 pages or more

Grammarly correct