Case Study : The Walt Disney Company

Case Study : The Walt Disney Company


For this assignment, you will need to access the full-length case study attached. You are required to read and analyze this case study which is the attached file. Case study will require you to demonstrate your understanding of strategic management concepts and theories by completing various analysis, identifying resources, capabilities and core competencies, identifying problems or potential problems for your company and writing Findings of Fact, including in some cases full justifications and recommendations on how to deal with those problems, identifying and articulating business strategies being used by your company, discussing and making recommendations about your company’s Value Chain, and understanding and describing your company’s organizational culture and structure.

Your analysis must:

  • Describe the company’s current Value Chain. (minimum of 1 page)
  • Identify and explain/justify any changes to the Value Chain you think are appropriate. If no changes, explain why not. (minimum of 1 page)
  • Provide a total of four findings of fact; 1 from the following four functional areas of business:
    • Management (in details)
    • Marketing (in details)
    • Finance or Accounting (in details)
    • Management Information Systems (in details)
  • Provide a full justification and recommendation for each finding of fact (minimum of 1 page each)


Case Study Assignment should be 6-8 pages but not exceed 10 pages in MLA format and must use current and updated references.