case study for 2 companies: Kellog and General Mills

This assignment is a case study for 2 companies: Kellog and General Mills

I need to answer the following questions for both of them 

 Below are the requirements for assignment

 16) Review the proxy statement and the Notes to the financial statements. Do they address any related party transactions? If yes, briefly describe what is been discussed. (4 pts) 

17) Visit the sites of your companies again and click on the investor relations and SEC filings sections; under SEC filings search for quarterly filings and select the latest 10-Q report. What date was this report filed? In the first few pages, there is a table of contents. What kind of information is included in this company’s 10-Q report? What is a very important difference between the 10-K and 10-Q reports? (4 pts) 

18) Based on the 10-K and proxy reports that you have accessed for these companies briefly describe the management teams. (7 pts) 

19) Look for some additional resources that might provide evidence about the skills, experience and reputation of each company’s management, strategy and general risk factors affecting its business. Look for two articles in newspapers and magazines and provide a brief summary. The articles should be dated within the last six months and should express independent – not management’s views. You should make appropriate references identifying where the information was obtained from and provide full copies of the articles (not links). You should also briefly describe your reasons for selecting these articles (i.e. their significance for your companies). (20 pts) 

20) Is your initial impression about your companies a favorable one or not? List some reasons supporting your answer. (5 pts)