Case Study: Casper’s Dreamery

Module 2: Assignment

Case Study: Casper’s Dreamery

The mattress brand Casper has always tried to dream outside the box. The retailer first broke the mold by changing the way mattresses were sold: It debuted online, and it famously sold comfortable mattresses, shipped directly to consumers, in impossibly small boxes.

Now Casper has developed its next innovation—an idea that the company believes will fill an unmet consumer need while also providing an invaluable means to market its brand: The Dreamery. The service allows tired consumers in New York City to take a mid-day nap in a curtained nook, equipped with a Casper bed and other high-end products, such as luxury sleep wear and face wash. Nap sessions, priced at $25 for a 45-minute interlude, are pre-booked through a special Casper website, so drowsy consumers can walk in at a pre-arranged time and find their personalized Dreamery nook all ready to go. And though Casper mattresses are not directly available for sale from the Dreamery, the service location is right next to a Casper brick-and-mortar store, so a purchase would be easy and convenient.

This innovative channel represents the latest addition to Casper’s omnichannel strategy, designed expressly to make it easy for consumers to experience and come to love its mattresses. Mattresses are available for purchase from West Elm and Target, and new stand-alone Casper stores have begun popping up across the country. The Dreamery offers an unusual, unique, and creative way for the retailer to expose more potential consumers to its products—while also earning service revenues from customers who desperately need a relaxing place to take a break from the rigors of daily life. Casper has plans to expand the Dreamery to more cities, as well as to college campuses, airports, and workplaces, so for this mattress brand, it seems the sky’s the limit.

1.How is Casper’s Dreamery meeting customers’ service needs?

2.How do these nap sessions help promote Casper’s products?

3.List three sources that you could use to research market demand for Casper’s products.

4.Based on your research, do you think the expansion of Dreamery to more cities will be successful? Why or why not?Source:

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