Capital Markets Video Task


This is the question to be delivered in the form of a video recording by Week 7 (send the video recording to me and the slides latest by September 8 at 6 pm). Note that all groups will have exactly 2 weeks to prepare the video recording task. so only groups presenting on Week 7 have received the task today.

Total assets of the superannuation industry have steadily increased since the introduction of the compulsory superannuation guarantee charge. Discuss this increase since 2012 and the impact of subsequent reforms Also, what are your thoughts on MySuper and the Super Stream Reforms improving superannuation?

Useful resources: (2) Recommended textbooks for the subject: (2) Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority 2014 Superannuation Industry Overview Insight, Issue One, pp 4 30. Reserve Bank of Australia 2013 ‘Box D: Self-managed Superannuation Funds, Financial Stability Review, September, p 54-57: (6) Reserve Bank of Australia 2014 The Australian Financial System, Financial Stability Review.p. 29. (3 The APRA website (

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