Choose a Major Company – any company.  Review their website, packaging (online images), and use of social media.  Submit a  2 [age double=spaced (12 point font) answering these 2 questions:

a. What do you like about their approach to branding?
b. What recommendations would you make to improve their Brand Recognition?

Steps to Branding

  1. Create the BUZZ – samples, social media, press releases (pre-launch), and celebrities/influencers.
  2. Create additional awareness through social media exploitation. Interactive/Engaging.
  3. Samples, samples, samples – celebrities/influencers.
  4. Develop your UNIQUENESS and DIFFERENTIATION Strategy.
  5. Flood the market with articles, blogs, videos, power point presentations, and podcasts.
  6. Perform weekly competitive assessments of pricing and offers.
  7. Use the Power of TV and Radio.
  8. Manage your Online Reputation.
  9. Conduct a pre-launch GRAND OPENING or Launch Event.
  10. Use your Social Network to get out the word.