For this assignment write at least 300 words answering the following.

  • Corporations often “vote with their feet” in  terms of doing business where expenses are lowest and revenues are  highest. Buying low and selling high is a basic economic formula             for success that has motivated international trade in many  ways over the centuries.  This is popularly discussed when governments  consider tax policies and is also applicable when they also consider the  less obvious factor of environmental             protections laws. If Mexico has no ban on DDT (a pesticide  used in agriculture) and the USA has banned the use (but not the  manufacture) of DDT, should a corporation buy land in Mexico, import DDT  from the USA, grow larger crops, and export             them to the USA?
  • What ethical duties does the corporation have to the workers  in Mexico, the neighboring landowners, and the USA consumers about the  potential dangers of using DDT?
  • Is there an ethical duty of DDT manufactures related to  their export of DDT to countries that do not ban its use as the USA  does?         
  • Do you agree that environmental protection laws are “less obvious” as suggested above? Why/why not?