Business Ethics

Part I (Personal Ethics)

Question 1: Business Ethics starts with being ethical in general. If people cannot handle these relatively minor issues, how do we expect somebody to be ethical in business when “big money” (salary, bonus, promotion, etc.) is at stake? Do you agree? – please share your thoughts in at least five sentences. (6 points)

The highlighted are the correct answers.

(1) You wake up one morning with the flu. Would you:

A-Stay at home and rest.

B-Stay at home and work.

C-Go to work but avoid socializing with people.

D-Go to work but socialize only with the people you don’t like.

2) You’re having breakfast in a crowded restaurant and overhear two colleagues discussing confidential information about a client. They mention the client by name. 1Would you:

A-Mind your own business.

B-Talk with your colleagues about the matter and leave it at that.

C-Report your colleagues to a supervisor.

D-Secretly record them with your cell phone video camera and post the clip on YouTube.

3) You take your 12-year-old son to the local multiplex to see the latest blockbuster. At the box office, you see a sign that says, “Children (up to 11), $6.00. Adults, $11.75.” Would you:

A-Ask for one adult and one child ticket.

B-Ask for two adult tickets.

C-Give your son $6 and have him ask for a ticket.

D-Buy two adult tickets, watch the film you paid for, then sneak into another auditorium and watch another for free.

4) You’re having a romantic dinner and order an expensive bottle of wine as part of the festivities. When the check arrives, you notice that the wine hasn’t been included in the bill. Would you:

A-Tell the waiter about the oversight.

B-Keep it to yourself but leave a larger tip than you were planning to.

C-Keep it to yourself and leave your standard tip.

D-Use some of the money you’ve saved to donate to your favorite charity.

5) While driving you to lunch, your friend whips out her smart phone and starts checking her e-mail. Would you:

A-Ask her to stop doing that.

B-Ignore it.

C-Tell her to pull over and let you out.

D-Grab her phone and toss it out the window.

Part II (Business Ethics)
Question 2: Do some research and list and explain briefly (issue and outcome in at least three sentences) three known cases (others than the ones that are posted under Chapter 1 of unethical or even illegal behavior in the last three years – post one case related to Private Industry, one case related to Government and one case related to Sports. (6 points)

What are two things that you have learned from these three cases in general regarding Business Ethics? (2 points)

Part III (Student Behavior)   After doing Part I and II, please reflect your view on student behavior.   Question 3: Is there a difference between being unethical in your personal life (Part I), in business (Part II) and scholastic dishonesty (cheating) as a student? Please share your thoughts and explain in at least five sentences. (6 points)