Audit Report

You are a senior auditor at the CPA firm of Aoife & Josephine, LLC. Your manager(professor) calls you into her office to discuss the use of Tableau, data analytic andvisualization software, on an upcoming audit for a client. She highly suggests you learnhow to use Tableau to perform data analytics on sales revenue. Further, she suggestsyou read the following articles to prepare for this audit:• Cao, M., R. Chychyla, and T. Stewart. 2015. Big Data analytics in financialstatement audits. Accounting Horizons 29 (2): 423–429.• Raphael, J. 2017. Rethinking the audit. Journal of Accountancy 223 (4): 28–32.• On the ICAEW Website, you may download an excellent (2016). Data analytics for external auditors. [online] Available at:—web-version.ashx [Accessed 13 Jul. 2019].III. Steps to CompletionStep 1: Read the articles recommended by your manager (professor) to gain anunderstanding about how big data, data analytics, and new technologies aretransforming external audits.Step 2: Read the case: Using Visualization Software in the Audit of RevenueTransactions to Identify Anomalies, which is posted in LEO: Contents>CourseResources>Projects & Rubrics.Step 3: Review resources to learn how to use Tableau in Appendix A on the last pageof this document. Collaborate with your online discussion group to learn Tableau tips.Step 4: Complete the case requirements that start on page 35 of Using VisualizationSoftware in the Audit of Revenue Transactions to Identify Anomalies.Step 5: Complete one additional requirement not included in the case; an audio-enhanced presentation or video of yourself presenting your findings.Prepare a video or audio-enhanced PowerPoint presentation to present yourfindings to your manager (professor) and audit team (classmates