Asian Studies Assessment

This document explains the course assessment requirement for BU5951, BU5952 and BU5953 as
part of the summer Asian Studies modules 2019-2020. Each module consists of 15 credit points.
Critical case studies:
Each student is required to complete a case study for each module based on the contents of tour.
Specifically, one case study should be based on two companies from those presented to you which
have raised your interest and provide a full company analysis of each. One case study should be based
on a development site presented throughout the Programme and you are required to prepare an
initial high-level development feasibility with options. The third case study is based an investment
scenario, where you are GAW Capital. Select two potential investment opportunities presented in the
Programme appropriate for a Private Equity Company such as GAW and analyse these investment
opportunities; provide recommendations; select one as a priority for investment with pricing,
projected returns and reasons.
These are individual assessments, and each case study should be around 3,000 words in length.
Students should have a good understanding of the company first, since the nature and characteristics
of the company and/or various stakeholders are an important facet of the case. The premise being
that one cannot begin to understand a project until one understands what and who is driving or
motivating that project/development/investment solution.
This process should however not be formulaic. There is no fixed template for the case studies There
should be a detailed description of the subject case plus an explanation of the line of questioning
followed by the critical analysis that is prompted by that line of questioning. Simply describing
something that was seen will not be acceptable.