A.  Strategic Current and Alternative Implementation Strategy (Remember Chapters 10- 13)–governance polices, current organizational structure and controls, leadership style. a. Action items

Action plan (Here, you will identify implementation strategies discussed in class in addition to identified strategies discussed in class that included: corporate governance, organizational structures and controls: strategic and financial controls, what kind of leadership is being used, and corporate entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic competitiveness as part of the Action items and Action plans).

Conclusion; A conclusion is the last piece of text in your research paper/article, and they will serve to summarize the whole work. The conclusion section must restate your thesis, review the important supporting concepts that you have explored all through work, and provide your last thoughts on the fundamental issue presented throughout the paper. Last but not least, this last piece employs emotive or sensory words to imprint a vivid and enduring picture in the reader’s memory. A strong conclusion will tie together all of your last ideas and important arguments, integrating all relevant facts with an emotional plea to create a finishing statement that will connect with your audience.