Analysis & Reflection

 Complete the Big 5 Personality Test on the following website:

· What to do:

· Read carefully and analyze your Big 5 profile:

· Review each of the Big 5 scores and what they represent based on the provided descriptions and class material (PDF file attached below).

· Identify trends in your scores (e.g., your highest and lowest scores, similar scores, etc.)

Write an Analysis & Reflection

· Based on your big 5 personality test result write your analysis and reflection, answer these questions:

1. Did anything about your personality profile surprise you (e.g., high/low scores, trends across scores)? Why or why not?

2. Which Big 5 score from your personality profile do you consider most critical for your past and current successes? Explain why.

3. What are your future career goals? How might aspects of your personality help you accomplish your career goals?

My career goal is to have my own business. Complete the answer.

· Responses to the 3 reflection questions (Be sure to number them!)

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