AirBnB Case study Outline

You have chosen your company as AirBnB and now write Your final case study paper on it, according to the outline you have mentioned. This paper should be 6 pages with intext citations and 6 references must.

I. AirBnB Abstract

a. An online platform for renting properties

b. Flexible prices and idealistic lodging

c. Keywords- technology, hospitality

II. AirBnB Overview

a. Founded – 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk

b. Discuss the name changes of 2009

c. Location- San Francisco California

i. Current Location- San Francisco, London, Hamburg and Berlin, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Moscow and Sao Paulo

ii. Connection within the United States

1. Launch of ‘Neighborhoods’

2. Redesign of mobile app and site- July 2014

3. Federal investigations of its impact on housing costs

III. Competitor Landscape

a. What does competition look like for AirBnB?

b. List of competitors- hotels chains such as Marriott and Hilton, bed & breakfasts

IV. Market Structure

a. Competitive monopoly

V. Government Regulations

a. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

i. Regulation of local housing laws

ii. Impact of AirBnB on housing costs

VI. Demand Analysis

consumer behavior (purchasing power and substitution effect), targeting, switching cost, positioning, price elasticity of demand (demand determinants), interpreting income and advertising elasticity.

VII. Pricing Analysis

a. Perceived-value pricing

b. Mark-up pricing

VIII. What they got wrong

a. Lost consumer trust

i. Negative Overall Lodging Experience

ii. Low Safety Standards Rating

b. Policy of Penalizing Hosts

IX. What they got right

a. Offers Hosts Insurance

b. Better Screening Process Policy