Advanced Supply Chain Management

Option 1.
Poster – Large poster paper (will need to take a photo of this and submit it).
Presentation – Video recording (phone or Zoom) of you are discussing your poster (5 mins –
no more than 8mins).
Option 2.
Poster – Powerpoint slides (no more than 6) with various components of the poster.
Presentation – Voice recording on Powerpoint or a Zoom recording (5 mins – no more than

  1. Picture of product
  2. Description of product – what materials/components it is made of
  3. Competitors identified
  4. Competitive Dimensions shown with Order Qualifiers and Order Winners identified
  5. Product Life Cycle shown graphically
  6. Supply Map/Network developed identifying all major stakeholders and their
  7. Identify evidence relating to recycling, sustainability, efficiency – this evidence could be
    on the product label or the company’s website
  8. Opportunities & Risks described – Bullet points
  9. Overall Quality of Poster – Colour scheme, layout, ease of understanding
    Video Presentation:
     Use presentation program with audio turned on, e.g. power point
     Show your face at least at start and end of presentation
     Run for between 5 and 8 minutes
     Practice it to check it out yourself
     Speak clearly
     Don’t have much text on the slides – use diagrams or graphics to explain your point
    Written Report:
    Part A:
     Is product competition described?
     Compare the competitive dimensions in Table.
     Discuss the order qualifiers and order winners.
     Draw the product life cycle, indicating your product
     Discuss the risks and opportunities relating to this.
     Other details on the product, the SC or industry sector.
     Comment on relationships between the SC partners.
     Consider the Implications for the SC if MTO or MTS.
     How is performance of the SC is assessed?
     Any SCM challenges and if addressed adequately.
     A description of how the SC can be integrated?
     Describe Key business processes common to all entities
    Part B:
     Evaluate the design and/or operation of the SC to assess whether the current SC meets
    market/consumer needs.
     Describe any SC improvements to meet gaps in SC.
    Clear Structure – Executive summary, analysis, improvements, lit review, tables & figures