ACCG2024: Part II – Video Oral Presentation

Your boss was impressed by your report and has asked you to prepare a video presentation to be played to the senior members of the Financial Reporting Surveillance Program at their next meeting.

Your video presentation should:

  1. Summarise the importance of the OFR especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. For your chosen company, provide a critical analysis of the consistency of the disclosures with sections B, C and D of RG 247. 
  3. Summarise your key recommendations to improve the disclosures so that they meet the objective of financial reporting as per the Conceptual Framework in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assessment of video

The research-based report represents 5% of your total mark for ACCG2024 and is compulsory.  Your assignment will be marked out of 40 as shown in the Presentation Marking Rubric on page 10 of this document and will then be converted to a mark out of 5.

Video format

Before you start recording your video it is recommended that you view the two YouTube videos by Vlog Brothers and Idea Channel. Both of these can be accessed through the ‘Business Report and Presentation’ section on iLearn.

LengthTime limit = 4 minutes Penalties for exceeding the time limit are as follows: Time Penalty Up to 4:29 4:30-5:29 5:30 or more No penalty 10% of total marks 20% of total marks
SlidesThe use of slides (eg PowerPoint/Prezi) is not mandatory as you will not be marked on your slides, but on your communication skills. If you do wish to use slides, please use a screen capture rather than a projected image.
Physical presenceStudents must actually appear in their video – you must be visible as well as able to be heard.
AudibilityIt is your responsibility to ensure that we can hear your presentation clearly.  If we cannot hear it then we cannot mark it! If you are recording using screen capture technology, consider using speaker and headphones.
TechnologyYou can record your video using one of the following: Your mobile device or tablet – if editing is required iMovie can be used. Screen capture technology such as Windows 10 Screen Recorder, Cyberlink or others These are suggestions only and you are free to use another method.