A Humbling Experience

 A Competent Response

Purpose of Assignment: This assignment provides a realistic scenario in which students practice to identify a culturally appropriate response while adapting to meet the cultural needs of the client.

Transferable skill: Diversity and Teamwork

Demonstrating awareness and empathy while working collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. In a profession where cultural sensitivity is paramount, workers will inevitably interact with people from varying religions, races, ethnicities and cultures. Success occurs with culturally competent teamwork.


Examine the following scenario:

In 2012, a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck the country of Japan. Aid and rescue workers from all over the world came to Japan to assist the Japanese people in their recovery. Imagine that you are an international aid worker that has been sent to Japan just after the occurrence of the earthquake and the tsunami. While on your flight to Japan you access various internet resources to learn everything you can about the Japanese culture.

In a 2-page paper discuss the following:

  • How do the Japanese respond to tragedy? Be specific. Give examples.
  • Given the information you have learned about the Japanese culture, how will you adapt your behavior and service so that you are culturally sensitive?
  • Discuss how the Japanese perceive the concepts of personal counseling, accepting assistance from outsiders and how they handle death.


  • Submit paper in APA format using clear and concise grammar.