2-minutes individual business presentation

Your task is to choose an idea for a new business or service to deal with an identified problem of your choice. Your idea must meet the following criteria:

Ideally, it should be an original idea. However, you can also present an idea for a new business or service based on improving an existing idea (for example, you might come up with a way to launch better online networking events).

The idea must be for-profit or not-for-profit, but it must be capable of making you at least

$1000/month (remember not-for-profits still pay their staff!)

You must be able to implement this idea yourself – ie, it must be something you could conceivably actually do.

Having chosen and researched the idea, you will then record a 2 minutes presentations including visuals. Feel free to be creative with your presentation style. You are graded on how well you present as well as the structure/content of your presentation.

In your video, you need to consider the following questions:

What problem are you solving?

How are you solving that problem?

Who is your target market and why?

What is the evidence that the market need exists?

List – by name – current providers of the solutions for this problem and describe how your solution is better than the current providers

Why are you the right person to implement this idea? (What special knowledge, expertise, experience or skills qualify you to be the provider of this solution? [e.g., industry experience, personal experience with this problem, friend or relative with this problem, empathy, sales skills, organizing skills, etc.)

What would be your first steps to bring your idea to reality?

PS: Reference any sources used.

You will be marked on the following criteria:

https://myuni.adelaide.edu.au/courses/57502/assignments/169974      1/2 2020/9/18 2-minutes individual business presentation (15%) Presentation style

Clear voice, varied tone – easy to understand and keeps the audience listening?

Did visuals/audio support the story well?

Was the visual content appealing to look at?

Were any of the visuals/audio distracting or off-putting?

Quality of idea presented

Is the idea original, or an innovative variation of an existing product/service?

Has the idea been well thought-out in terms of:

Problem/puzzle/dilemma solved?

How solution solves problem/puzzle/dilemma?

Problem solved?

How solution solves problem? Target market: Who and why?

Evidence of market need?


Personal Fit First steps

Underlying research

Market need:




Solution proposed addresses the problem / need

Existing solutions (competitors) Other relevant evidence

ENTREP1011-Pitching worksheet.docx

Rubric Biz Idea presentation.docx